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Garden & Fete Games

We have a large range of fete and fundraising games for your next event and giant garden games for your party! We can send these with staff and prizes for an additional charge. We also have Pop Up Gazebos to hire with these on hard standing or grass. Package deals are always available so if you see a few thing you like just get in touch. All games come with everything you need to play including a display sign.

Giant Connect 4

Size: 4ft X 1ft

Suitable for: All Ages

Colour: Red & Blue (With Yellow & Green Counters)

Connect 4 can be played by young and old. Have you thought about this for your wedding? Giant counters load them in and create 4 in a row to win!

Giant Jenga

Size: 1ft x 1ft x upto 8ft High

Suitable for: All Ages

Colour: Ye Olde Authentic Wood Coloured

A Great multi player game, but look out when that tower falls it comes down with a crash! Use as a team building activity and label the blocks with challenges or slogans.

Tumbling Tower! Ideal for Weddings!

Coconut Shy

Size: 3m x 3m

Suitable for: All Ages

Colour: Posts are Red - Gazebo Red & White

Ye Olde coconut shy, This game comes with balls 5 Coconut stands and 5 coconuts to get you started. It is also the only game that  always comes with a gazebo

Hook a Duck

Size: 4ft x 4ft

Suitable for: Children (and Big Kids)

Colour: Blue and Green Pool, Yellow Ducks

Either prize every time, or use the numbers under the ducks to correspond to prizes. Comes complete with pool and rods. We also have a fish version!

Many ways to play!

Shoot Out (Nerf Guns!)

Size: 4ft x 8ft (to allow space to fire)

Suitable for: All Ages

Colour: Multi Colour

Floating balls suspended by air, just shoot them off with a nerf bullet.. Sounds simple right? Its harder than you think. Adults nearly always fail, children are much better

Splat The Rat

Size: 1ft x 1ft x 4ft high

Suitable for: Children (and Big Kids)

Colour: Blue board & Red Pipe

Take the bat and hit the rat as it slides out the pipe. Comes complete with cage to keep the rat in. Please dont use a live rat with this game there just too fast!

No animals were harmed! New & Exciting!

Shoot Out

Size: 8ft x 20ft x 4ft High

Suitable for: All Ages

Colour: White Board with Red cross & Net

Good at football? All you need to do is line up your shot and fire the ball through the central hole. This game can be made harder by standing further away.


Size: 8ft x 15ft

Suitable for: All Ages

Colour: Brown Bases, Multi Coloured Sticks

Use hoopla with prizes on the posts or the coloured sticks. Its more difficult than you think. Move the throw line to make the challenge harder for adults.

Use alcohol as prizes!

Tin Can Alley

Size: 6ft x 1ft

Suitable for: All Ages

Colour: Metal Tins, Green Shelf

Throw the ball knock down the cans, can also be used and is supplied with bean bags. Change the rules to suit. Do the cans have to clear the shelf to win?

Buzz The Wire

Size: 1ft x 4ft

Suitable for: All Ages

Colour: Black and Yellow

This game requires no power as it runs off battery, take the handle and keep it staedy as you work your way along the wire. If the buzzer sounds you lose.

Electrifying Knock Em Down

Ball N Bucket

Size: 6ft x 3ft

Suitable for: All Ages

Colour: Red Board, Black Buckets

Throw a ball in the bucket they said, its easy they said. Turns out this is one of the hardest games! The ball gos in but try and make it stay there!


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Bouncy Bouncy Roll Up Roll Up! GOAL!