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Everything Else

From Stage Covers to Gunge Tanks to Waving wacky inflatable tube guys, we have a wide range of extras for your next party or event.

We can also make a whole selection of our products for your next event, ask us about KidZone or BigKids corporate fun days. Both tailor made packages for your event with or without our trained ‘FUN’ Experts.

Gunge Tank

Size: 4ft X 4ft X 8ft (High)

Suitable for: Adults & Children - Any Event or partyur: White Tank, Blue Surrounds.

Remember Noel Edmonds House Party or Get Your Own Back? Well now the Gunge can come to you! Supplied with all you need to go. You just require water!

Knock Your Block Off

Size: 15ft x 15ft (Round)

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Colour: Team Blue & Team Red!

The aim of the game is simple the first person to knock the opponents head off wins. Well not there real head obviously, just the one on top of there costume!

Headless Fun!

Dance Arcade

Size: 2m x 2m (Plus Spectator Space!)

Suitable for: Any Event, Show, Festival etc.

Colour: All Colours, also features screen and lights!

The machine that was in every arcade… a craze across the world and now we can bring this retro classic to your event. Complete with Real metal dance pads, screen & lighting.

Back to the 90s…

Mini Stage Dome / Party Dome

Size: 12ft X 20ft (10ft High at Peak)

Suitable for: Parties, Small Events etc.

Colour: Black Exterior White Roof. - Doors at both ends

Large Stage Dome

Size: 32ft X 16Ft (Approx 20ft High at Peak)

Suitable for: Festivals & Events, Shows, Bars & More

Colour: Completely Black

This versatile cover can be used on staging to create a mini stage, or on the ground with sound and lighting as a disco dome. Ideal for an outdoor party! It has a light roof and a door or opening at both ends.

The Small Stage!

Available with or without a stage platform underneath, our stage cover makes your event shine. Complete with back wall with entrance doors. Several configuration options to chose from.

The BIG Stage!

Medium Dome

Size: 18ft X 16ft (13ft High at Peak)

Suitable for: Everyone, Events, Parties, Festivals etc.

Colour: Blue externally, black internally, white rear wall

This cover is tall but not so wide and is ideal for small bands, solo singers or even cinema projection onto the white rear wall. It can also be mounted on staging if required

In the middle!

A whole host of activities and entertainment in a Secure area. Custom built for your event or party. Example Package:

Large Bouncy Castle

Small Bouncy Castle
Aunt Sally Cut Outs

Sand Pits

Water Zorbing

Sky Dancers

Circus Skills Arena


Live DJs

Childrens Magic Shows

Party Dances

A wide selection of Garden Games

Coconut Shy

Dedicated visible friendly play rangers

& More

Candy Floss

Size: Requires 4ftx4ft inc space for operator

Suitable for: Parities, Festivals, Weddings

Colour: Pink… all candy floss should be pink!!

Avaliable with or without our ‘Fun Experts’ this candy floss machine can be sent with enough supplys to meet the needs of your event or party. Supplied with sticks or bags.

MMmmm Candy Floss


Size: Requires 4ftx4ft inc space for operator

Suitable for: Cinema events, Weddings, Festivals

Colour: Traditional Red, with space for your own branding.

Cinema event? Then you need our popcorn machine, watch the kernals pop right before your eyes and choose your flavouring. Served in cones, tubs or by the bag.

Popcorn Get ya Popcorn!

Sweet Cart / Stall

Size: 2.5m x 2m (Approx 2m High)

Suitable for: Making a safe area at parties & festivals

Colour: White  with Purple and white cover (or we can create a custom cover for your event)

This stall can be used as a candy cart or a general stall. It comes complete with lighting, to light the table area, and either a cloth or our artificial grass as shown.

Sweet Tooth As seen on TV!

Sky Dancer - Max

Size: 2ft x 2ft x 20ft (High)

Suitable for: Any Event, Show, Festival etc.

Colour: Blue with white head

This is max a Wack Waving Inflatable Tube Guy. Or Air Dancer. He Loves to meet and greet visitors or party guests. He blows about in air saying hello.

Sky Dancer - Maxine

Size: 2ft x 2ft x 20ft (High)

Suitable for: Any Event, Show, Festival etc.

Colour: Red with yellow hair and fingers

This is Maxine, she is in no way in a relationship with Max although they do like to go out together from time to time. A Great Photo Opportunity!

Tube Guy

Sky Dancer - Nathan

Size: 2ft x 2ft x 20ft (High)

Suitable for: Any Event, Show, Festival etc.

Colour: White, Blue & Brown - With Black Spikey Hair!

The cool dude of the bunch, Nathan loves to flap his arms around and draw attention to himself wherever he goes. Why not have all 3 of them together, they don’t argue much!

Looking Cool

Circus Skills

Size: Variable. Height is required for diablos

Suitable for: Everyone, Events, Parties, Festivals etc.

Colour: All the colours!

Diablos, Catch Rings & Bags, Juggling Balls, Stilts, Pedal Gos, Spinning Plates and much more make up the circus skills package. Available with or without or ‘FUN Experts’

Join the CIRCUS!

Post, Rope & Red Carpet

Size: Posts are 1m High, Ropes are 2m in Length. Red Carpet comes in multiple lengths and sizes

Suitable for: Events, Product Launches, Weddings

Colour: Chrome Posts, Red Carpet & Ropes

Post & Rope and red carpet gives your next event a real classy look. Everyone likes to feel important and red carpet the way to do it! Custom sizes and lengths available.

Hollywood here we come

Deck Chairs

Size: Roughly 2.5ft X 4ft

Suitable for: Everyone

Colour: Yellow or Purple with a Sun Logo (Frames are white)

Great to add to beach theming at an event, or just to chill out on at your next party. The deckchairs are also included in our KidZone package.

Seaside Fun!

Picket Fence

Size: 2M Sections (Shorter Options Available)

Suitable for: Making a safe area at parties & festivals

Colour: White - For use on Grass Only

Our picket fence is used at a wide range of activities including, country events, weddings, festivals, galas etc. Comes in 2m Sections with stakes for the ground.

Scenic Fencing.